The HOTTEST Crossbody Bag Designs For Summer 2021 | Fanny Packin' - Fanny Packin'

The HOTTEST Crossbody Bag Designs For Summer 2021 | Fanny Packin'


Looking for a fashionable way to carry your essentials this summer? Our online store is now live with the newest collection of belt bags, cross-body bags, and fanny packs for summer in 2021.

They're stylish, unique, and super cute!

In no particular order and without further ado, let's begin!



01. 1950's Pop Art Banana Fanny Pack Crossbody Belt Bag



I'll save you the trouble. Buy it. Trust me on this. Just go ahead and purchase this one, because I guarantee you it'll be gone before you know it. The vibrant metallic blue and inverse white on yellow will make your hips pop!



02. Banana Fanny Pack Crossbody Belt Bag



Inspired by my love for bananas, if you're not familiar with Bluth's Original Frozen Banana Stand from Arrested Development, then there's a good chance you won't get any of my jokes. Oh, and this fanny pack is amazing because it literally goes with everything!



03. Big Lemon Fanny Pack Crossbody Belt Bag



When it comes to having your stuff together, you always reign supreme. It's not like you have to worry about losing your phone, keys, or wallet in the car/bus/club/etc. because they are always on your person. First to arrive and leave, you've mastered the art of Irish goodbyes.



04. Blood Orange Fanny Pack Crossbody Belt Bag



This fanny pack is for the adventurous fashionistas who refuse to let their accessory choice be predictable! Bold and bright, this blood-orange pattern is all you need to stand out. One of my absolute favs to make!



05. Miami Vice Fanny Pack Crossbody Belt Bag



The purple hues of this fanny fav will have you moving in style as you heat up the boardwalk this summer! It features the silhouettes of person's best friend with a backdrop of the Miami sun setting between shaded palm trees.



06. Flamingo Fanny Pack Crossbody Belt Bag



The flamingo printed fanny pack is perfect for when you're going to the beach or hanging out during the summer. The edgy pink, white, and teal design make this just what you need when you're sweating in the heat. Who doesn't want to show off their tropical-inspired side with this amazing accessory?



07. Flamingo Floral Fanny Pack Crossbody Belt Bag



Some fanny packs are all business and major bulk, but this flamingo-printed variety is pure personality slimmed down just for you. It's always important to stand out and make a statement with your wardrobe, so grab our newest pink and blue accessory today!



08. Flamingo Love Fanny Pack Crossbody Belt Bag

Okay, I'll admit it. I LOVE FLAMINGOS! I don't know why, maybe it's because they're so elegant, yet awkward at the same time with their weird-ass legs? Or the fact that they have to eat their food upside down because something crazy happens to their beak when they get older? Or the fact that it's because of their food that they get their pink coloring?? Omg, I don't know what it is, but the moment I see anything with a flamingo on it, it's mines. All mines. So that's why I made this! This is the 3rd flamingo design I've created, so if you love flamingos as much as I do, grab yourself a limited edition fanny pack, and carry that love with you everywhere you go!



09. Lemon Party Fanny Pack Crossbody Belt Bag



Oooh! Not that kinda Lemon Party! Stop it!

Load up your Lemon Party Fanny Pack Crossbody Bag with all of the necessities for a party night on the town. It's wide enough to accommodate everything you need plus it has roomy pockets and an adjustable strap that fits most sizes so there's no need to look like you're in grade school again. You'll be able to eat, drink, and dance in comfort at any event in this pack!



10. Summertime Fun Fanny Pack Crossbody Belt Bag

Coming in at number 10, this black based fanny pack with pops of color is perfect for when you want to be handsfree during a warm summer night stroll on the beach. The fun illustrations of starfish, watermelon, ice pops and shades pair nicely in a fun and exciting way.



11. USA Fanny Pack Crossbody Belt Bag


Hello America! You can now carry your documents and passport in style. This classic nautical-themed USA Fanny Pack is perfect for being on the water, going to picnics, jamming out at concerts, dub stepping at festivals, or any other events that take you away from stressing.



12. USA Patriot Cold Pop Fanny Pack Crossbody Belt Bag


Another patriotic classic, this design is super sweet featuring red, white, and blue ice cream pops on a bubble gum pink backdrop.



Fanny packs are back, and this time they're better than ever. Whether you want to wear your fanny pack around town or out on the trail - we have what you need! Sign up for our newsletter now so that we can keep in touch about all of the latest trends. You won't be disappointed with our selection of high-quality bags at affordable prices. So go ahead and give us a try today...we know you'll love it!

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